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Web developers are often pioneers of innovation, always looking ahead and on the hunt for new and improved development tools and trends. With each year the technology keeps improving. Sometimes it seems so rapid though, that all you have to do is blink and you may already be left behind. Therefore keeping up with the latest trends is vital.

Here are the trends of 2022, chosen for their ability to create greater functionality, as well as being more search engine friendly.

Improved AI In Chatbots

Chatbots have been around for quite some time. However, a huge improvement in artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years, has caused them to become somewhat of an essential communications tool for online business.

Far from the clunky and robotic chatbots of yesteryear, modern chatbots have the potential to bring a range of important benefits. This includes much greater efficiency and rate of customer engagement, in both sales, and customer service, than the average human workforce can achieve.

With the new chatbots there is no need to wait for extended periods due to high-call volume or delayed response time. They can respond to vast number of customers, quickly and effectively. This is a convenience that, in the end of the day, apparently tends to win over wanting to speak with another human. Even in that regard though, the AI of chatbots has made enormous strides over the years.

2. Voice Navigation & Control

Convenience is king these days, and the more streamlined and easier to use your website or application is, the better it will be for the majority of your customers. All the biggest tech is using voice software of some kind, and with it available to ever developer, ignoring this sort of handy tool may be at your own risk. Currently not many small online business websites or apps are using this technology, so now is the time to get ahead of the curb.

3. PWA & AMP Apps

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) and Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) apps have become well-known for being great mobile development tools. PWAs can vastly increase page-loading speed. AMP apps can do the same, though with the added benefit of avoiding an overload due to a high level of videos, animations, or other content.

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4. Horizontal Page Scrolling

This may seem insignificant, but horizontal scrolling is nevertheless something that many web developers are neglecting to include these days. It can be particularly useful when a website simply can’t fit to mobile display format and makes it far easier for mobile users to navigate. It’s also great for live casino online games and any other games or content that displays well horizontally to create a more immersive experience.

5. Serverless Architecture

Many developers are still hesitant to make the switch over the serverless architecture. However, it brings several benefits. Firstly, it eliminates data loss, and is another method of preventing overload from a large amount of content. Most notable it reduces the great cost and maintenance of having a server, using cloud resources instead.

In Conclusion

All these tools can be a great help. Though don’t stop here. Research and acquire each and every new tool available. You won’t regret it.